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We specialise in citizenship by investment. As global consultants we have access to citizenship and residency programmes that will open up doors for individuals and business to grow their business and expedite travel flexibility to a number of countries. With Portugal, Malta, St Kitts and Barbuda residency programmes, Global Consulting is able to meet the flexible needs for international travel and global business.


Recently, Antigua provided a “clearance special” onto its donation-based option of citizenship, decreasing the needed non-refundable charge to only 200,000 USD for one or family applicants. All individuals need separate due diligence fees; implying one applicant will expend about 300,000 USD fairly less than the long-running program of St Kitts and Nevis. Antigua launched its program of second citizenship recently to assist finance the government. If you are willing to venture considerably more, you may buy real estate or venture in a local trade. The passport of Antigua provides visa-free tour to Europe, most of the Americas, and several other developed nations.


If you do not want to reside in taxation-free St Kitts and Nevis, you may donate 250,000 USD to the Sugar Fund of the government and secure a passport in a few months. With legal charges, expect spending a little more of 300,000 USD for one individual or 400,000 USD for a married couple. It is a lot affordable than purchasing accredited real estate to be eligible.


As the original program of citizenship by investment now running for thirty days, St Kitts is known to have a well-run simulation, which has been subject to emulation for a long time. Unfortunately, the passports of St Kitts and Nevis have been targets of the United States government after an Iranian citizen managed to buy EU citizenship without his former citizenship on it. Additionally, Canada has cancelled visa-free access for the nationals of St Kitts and it there are rumors that the Schengen Area of Europe can be the next. Currently, St Kitts is the most reliable, and the cheapest second passport having easy tour to Europe.


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